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    Q: What happens after the assessment?

    A: Generally speaking once your Calsystem technician completes your assessment, it will be submitted to your insurance company for approval. When authorized, we will contact you to arrange to start or complete the necessary work. On many occasions (depending on incident, circumstances and policy coverage) we are granted authority by your insurance company to continue restoration and commence required processes prior to report approval.

    Q: How long does it take an insurance company or adjuster to approve the report?

    A: It can vary due to factors such as the nature and scale of the work and claims surges during a catastrophe. We have found that our relationships with insurance companies and adjusters often speeds up the process. We will keep you informed

    Throughout the process.

    Q: Can we live in our home during the process?

    A: This is an important personal decision. Our project manager will discuss the details of work before we begin. If there will be significant disturbance/inconvenience, it may be best to seek a temporary living solution. If you require a temporary living space, your insurance company will typically cover these expenses for a set amount of time. We can manage the request for temporary living and set the time and duration with the insurance company.

    Q: What about my insurance deductible?

    A: When you make an insurance claim, it is your responsibility to pay the deductible. It is standard procedure for restoration companies to collect 100% of the deductible up front when the mitigation or repair work begins. We practice a modified process and ask for 50% of the deductible up front and the other 50% at project completion. This helps to reduce the financial burden during a stressful time and also gives the customer leverage to ensure the project is completed to their absolute satisfaction.

    Q: What is going to happen with my damaged furniture and/or contents?

    A: Water damaged contents will be inventoried and damage type/extent will be recorded. This information will be immediately sent off to the insurance so they may give approval on restoration or replacement. If the contents are considered restorable and there is space onsite to perform the necessary restoration, that work will begin onsite immediately. If ample space onsite does not exist, affected items will be inventoried and packed out to our secure warehouse where they can start to get restored immediately.

    Q: Will my insurance company pay for these damages and repairs?

    A: Your insurance company is the ONLY party who can definitively answer this question. We can offer our experience but we suggest you contact your agent for guidance on whether or not to file a claim. The three most important words in damage restoration are: Sudden, Accidental and Maintenance. Traditionally, for a damage to be covered, it must have happened suddenly and been an accident. When coverage is denied, it is typically because the cause is a maintenance issue and/or a long-term problem.
    Please remember that carelessness and ignorance are almost always covered! Examples of sudden and accidental water losses: broken pipes, overflowing from a bathtub, overflowing from sink, appliance leaks, washing machine leak, broken fire sprinkler line, hot water heating system failure, frozen pipes and more. What isn’t typically covered is ground water damage, unless a property owner has a specific flood insurance policy.

    Q: Should I get multiple bids before choosing a contractor?

    A: First and foremost, we cannot emphasize enough that you must do your research and choose an experienced, reputable and capable full-service restoration company. Insurance restoration is NOT like remodeling, where getting multiple bids is an effective best practice. With insurance restoration, an efficient restoration occurs when a property owner selects ONE full-service restoration company to manage the entire project and negotiate estimate approval with the insurance company.

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